If you’re in need of electrical repairs or installations, get in touch with Efficient Home Energy. We can install sockets, lighting and rewire properties. We can also identify faults and their cause, and ensure you and your family can be safe in your own home. Just get in touch.

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Electrical Installations

We can carry out all electrical works including cooker installations, adding sockets or lighting, car charge points and rewiring. We carry out fault finding and all of the remedial work necessary to bring your property up to standard.

Electrical faults and their causes

Electrical Repair Services

Electrical faults in your home can cause serious problems. Not only do they pose a very real safety risk, but they also can make everyday living difficult.

Just what is an electrical fault? Put simply, an electrical fault is an abnormal condition in an electrical system, causing a disruption in the usual electrical flow. Usually, modern electrical systems and devices are very reliable, but when an electrical fault occurs, it can pose a serious risk. We can provide electrical repairs at a reasonable cost.

Often there is a short circuit between the supply and the ground, which can create a fire risk. An oversupply of energy, for example, could cause overheating in wires and devices. Clearly, it’s important to deal with an electrical fault as soon as you identify one!

Electrical faults can have many causes, from equipment failure to human error. For instance, accidentally cutting a cable is a very common cause of electrical faults, as is a mains wire becoming damaged from friction against other objects. Whatever has happened, though, you should call a professional to deal with electrical issues.

Electrical Fault finding in London

If you’re in need of an electrical fault-finding service in London or the South East, get in touch with Efficient Home Energy. Our extensive experience in home energy solutions over a number of years means that you can trust us to do a great job. Our professional technicians know what they’re doing and can identify and fix electrical faults safely.

Some of the most common services we provide:

• New Lights
• Additional Sockets
• Cooker Installation
• Fuse box arcing
• Wiring faults
• Damaged Socket points

When you make an appointment with us, our first priority will be to ensure that your household is not a dangerous environment. Once we know what has caused the problem, we’ll explain to you what has happened and the best steps to take to fix it. Once you’re happy, we’ll carry out the repairs.

Electrical Installations and fault finding services

Having problems with electrical faults at home or at work? Don’t put yourself and others at risk – get in touch, and we’ll put it right.

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