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Air Conditioning Installation London

Our team of expert engineers at Efficient Home Energy, specialise in comprehensive air conditioning installations, from maintenance and repairs, to installations, for commercial and domestic properties in the London area. We offer prompt and efficient assessments and resolutions that guarantee customer satisfaction.

We offer installation services for a wide range of air conditioning systems, whether they are split, multi split or cassette units, we have the perfect solution for your needs. You can request a quote via a video call, and we will provide you with the installation quote on the very same day.

An increasing number of individuals are embracing home air conditioning due to its current affordability, thanks to the introduction of sleeker, more compact models that offer highly effective heating and cooling solutions. Achieve your ideal climate and ambiance throughout the year. With our extensive experience in domestic installations, we can expedite the installation process when homeowners are present, reducing disruptions to your living space. We implement a floor protection system and use dustsheets to maintain the cleanliness of your home.

Air conditioning has become exceptionally cost-effective with the advent of new models that deliver efficient heating and cooling. Craft your ideal year-round climate and atmosphere.

What Can Air Conditioning do For You

Cool – The primary function of air conditioning is to lower the temperature of indoor spaces, creating a cooler and more comfortable environment, especially during hot weather.

Heat – Heat pump systems have a refrigeration cycle that can be reversed to provide heating instead of cooling. In the cooling mode, the refrigerant absorbs heat from indoor air and releases it outside. In heating mode, the process is reversed: the refrigerant absorbs heat from outdoor air (even in cold temperatures) and releases it inside the property.

Dehumidify – Air conditioning systems not only cool the air but also remove excess moisture, reducing indoor humidity levels. High humidity can make a space feel sticky, clammy, and uncomfortable, even at lower temperatures. By controlling humidity, air conditioning enhances comfort by creating a drier and more pleasant indoor environment.

Purify – Modern air conditioning units include air filtration systems that remove airborne particles, pollutants, allergens, and odors from the indoor air. Cleaner air promotes better respiratory health and enhances overall comfort, especially for individuals with allergies or sensitivities to airborne contaminants.

0% VAT available with home installations

We don’t charge VAT on the product or installation. Reducing your supply and installation bill by 20%.


How does air conditioning work?

An air conditioning unit works by removing the unwanted heat from an area in a property and replaces it with cooler, dry air. There is a chemical inside the unit that will cool the air on the way in and works the opposite way for heating the property.

Can i fit my air conditioning unit myself?

We never recommend that an installation is carried out by someone without the correct qualifications to do so. All of our engineers are qualified, competent and capable of such installations leaving you with peace of mind that everything will be installed safely and to regulation.

Can my air conditioning unit be used to heat my house?

The simple answer is yes. The units we sell will have the ability to both heat and cool a property in most circumstances.

Do I need planning permission to install my air conditioning units?

As a rule, it is very unlikely that you would need to apply for planning permission to have an AC unit installed in your domestic property. We would recommend you check with your local planning authority to be sure before commencing an installation.

Do I need to do anything before the installer arrives?

We kindly ask that you clear all areas where the installation will take place. This is inclusive of the area surrounding the wall where the interior unit will be fitted and also on the exterior where the external unit will be installed. This will allow the engineer to begin the works from the point of arrival, keeping the installation swift and efficient.

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