We provide gas boiler installations and boiler repair across Ealing / W5, at excellent prices, ensuring that you have a safe, modern and efficient boiler.

At Efficient Home Energy, we take pride in being one of Ealing’s leading independent specialists in home heating. Not only do we provide our customers with the best boiler to suit their needs; we also provide excellent boiler insulation services, bringing years of experience to hand, making sure you’re kept safe and warm throughout the cold seasons.

A service you can rely on

We’re dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service at the lowest possible price, and our team of friendly consultants are here ready to help you with all your heating requirements.

We understand that installation of a boiler system can at times be disruptive, which is why our team of engineers are trained to make the experience as pain free and clean as possible. As industry experts, we are able to install all types of boiler and heating systems. Installations are carried out by qualified specialists, with years of experience. From start to finish, we’re here to take you through the whole process, providing you with worry-free solutions.

Boiler safety

Our services and safety standards are second to none, employing the latest technology and industry know-how, making us first choice for quality assurance and efficiency. We install a range of excellent, top brand boilers; if you have a specific type in mind, we’re happy to oblige.

Along with your satisfaction, our main priority is safety, which is why we provide all new boilers with a free gas certificate, guaranteeing the safe operation of the appliance.

The installation process

  1. Assessment and Planning:
    • One of our gas safe registered engineers will visit your property to check the existing system and discuss any concerns with the responsible person. We will then agree the make and model of boiler that is most suitable for your system and a date for the installation.
  2. Gas Supply and Connection:
    • The engineer will ensure that there is a suitable gas supply available at the installation location. The engineer will check the existing gas infrastructure and prepare the connection of the boiler to the gas supply line.
  3. Boiler Placement:
    • The engineer will select an appropriate location for the boiler, considering safety regulations, ventilation requirements, and accessibility for future maintenance.
  4. Flue Installation:
    • The installation of a flue is crucial for safely expelling combustion gases. The engineer installs the flue system, ensuring it complies with building regulations.
  5. Water and Gas Pipework:
    • The engineer will connect to the boiler to the water and gas pipework. They will ensure proper sealing that adhere to gas safety standards.
  6. Boiler Mounting:
    • The boiler is mounted securely, and all necessary components, such as pumps, valves, and expansion vessels, are installed and tested.
  7. Electrical Connection:
    • If the boiler requires a new electrical connection, the engineer will ensure a safe and compliant installation, connecting the boiler to the electrical supply.
  8. Testing and Commissioning:
    • The engineer will conduct a series of tests to check for gas and water leaks, ensuring the system is tight. The boiler is then commissioned, and the settings are adjusted to optimise performance.
  9. User Instruction:
    • The homeowner is provided with instructions on operating the boiler, adjusting settings, and understanding any safety features.
  10. Building Compliance:
    • The entire installation process is carried out in compliance with local building codes, safety regulations, and manufacturer guidelines.
  11. Documentation and Certification:
    • The engineer will provide documentation, including a Gas Safety Certificate, and warranty paperwork confirming that the installation meets safety standards.


What problems can a broken or damaged boiler create?

A broken boiler can be an enormous inconvenience, making everyday life quite difficult. Being left without hot water or heating, especially in the winter, can be uncomfortable, and even dangerous for the elderly.

What are the warning signs?

There are a number of signs to look out for; most obviously if your taps won’t run hot water or your radiators won’t heat up. However, you should also look out for any drips and leaks, strange whistling or gurgling noises, a loss of pressure and the pilot light going out.

How long will the installation process take?

If you have a simple combination boiler swap it should take a day however testing and commissioning might need to be carried out the following day to ensure the system has had time to settle in. If you have a larger system boiler the process can take up to 3 days. We would recommend that you have a few electric radiators to hand to keep you warm while the installation is taking place.

What is the duration of boiler warranties?

It varies for every manufacturer however some manufacturers now offer a 10 year warranty as long as its installed by an approved installer.

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