Efficient Home Energy offers fast and affordable PAT testing in Acton, complete with a service you can rely on. Whatever you need us to test, we’ll do the job in no time.

£69 inc VAT for up to 20 items PAT Testing

Portable Appliance Testing

PAT Testing in Acton

Our pat test price is for up to 20 appliances. Every appliance beyond that is billed at £1.30 per appliance.

We have a wealth of experience of PAT testing in Acton, and have been carrying out this service for years. Our experienced staff are fully trained and will always put safety first. That’s why we’ve built a reputation among Acton clients for being an excellent electrical services provider.

Not sure if you need PAT testing? We’ve compiled a handy guide to PAT testing below, covering everything from what it is, to how often your appliances should be tested.

If you’re unsure, get in touch today. We can discuss your needs, and whether your appliances need PAT testing.

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What is PAT testing?

PAT stands for ‘portable appliance testing’, and refers to exactly that – the testing of electrical appliances and equipment. The aim is to make sure that, once some time has passed since it was new, the appliance is still safe to use.

This can be done visually, with a professional eye, or through electrical testing. It is important that a specialist who knows what they are doing carries this out – faulty electrical equipment can be dangerous. That’s why we always put safety first and foremost.

Do I need a PAT testing service?

Whether you should look into PAT testing depends on a number of factors. If you have had certain appliances for a long time, or are unsure if they are still in a safe condition to use, you should arrange a test. Appliances that you use more regularly might need PAT testing.

If you are unsure about whether you could benefit from PAT testing services, just give us a call. We’d be happy to discuss your appliances and advise on the best course of action, free of charge.

How often should I test electrical appliances?

The frequency with which you should test your appliances largely depends on circumstances. For example, a microwave in use every day, or power tools used at busy sites, may need to be tested more often than an appliance that spends most of its time in a cupboard.

Is PAT testing a legal requirement?

Technically, PAT testing is not necessarily required by law. However, it is a legal necessity to ensure electrical appliances are safe. The law does not stipulate how often electrical appliances should be tested, or who should test them, but the safest way is with an industry professional.

Why choose Efficient Home Energy?

At Efficient Home Energy, we take pride in our work. We’ve been serving Acton with competitively priced PAT testing services for years; it’s fair to say we’re experts in our field.

That’s why our clients – many of whom are return customers – trust us to do the job properly.

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To find out more about PAT testing, and whether you’re in need of our Acton PAT testing service, just get in touch. We can even provide you with a free estimate.

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